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We designed this book for parents who want a baby book with less statistics and more heart. Childhood, A History is a place to write down your child's story in a meaningful, but non-overwhelming way.

About the Book

The book’s prompts focus less on statistics and more on the heart - their ideas, passions, special talents, and funny quirks.

Spanning from birth to eighteen (including two pages for pregnancy) it includes yearly sections for birthdays, adventures, interests, and fun age-appropriate prompts.

Whether you’re a brand new parent or your child is a bit older and you want to “catch up” (it’s not too late!) this journal is designed to help you capture little windows into who your child is and who they are becoming.


- Cotton linen cover

- 80# text, partially recycled paper

- 6.75 x 8.75 inches

- Made in the U.S.


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No-Hassle Returns

Not sure if this journal is right for you? We get it, sometimes you just need to have it in your hands. Go ahead order the book, open it, flip through the pages, and if you decide it’s not the right fit for you simply send it back using our return portal . We only ask that the book be in its original condition, and for a small fee of $3 to help with return shipping costs.

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Less Statistics, More Heart

After feeling guilty about missing time-sensitive things in our own kids' baby books, we spent a year designing a book focused less on documenting statistics and more on the things that actually matter - the moments, memories, and unique insights that we’d want to cherish for years to come.

Didn't start when they were babies?

Neither did we! The good news is, this is the journal where (with the help of your photos on your phone) going back is actually possible. And remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect! It just needs to be heartfelt.

Built to Last Generations

An heirloom to be passed on to future generations, these books are made in the US with the highest quality materials.The covers are made of cotton linen and the books are smyth-sewn bound, making them layflat and virtually indestructible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 587 reviews
Andrea G.
Could not be more perfect!

I had a really difficult pregnancy and it was capped off by a very complicated birth, so it’s safe to say a few things got forgotten. I never picked out a baby book, and by the time I finally remembered… my son was already 10 months old 🙃 When I got the ad for the baby book that commemorates only the milestones YOU want to remember and can be filled out any time after birth, I knew it was perfect. Not only is it super practical (because who has time to answer specific questions and who can remember small details when you’re learning how to be a mom), but it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL to look at. It will be so special to have, and I love the fact that as he gets older he’ll be able to help write his own story! I can’t wait to get these for all my future children.

Britt P.
Special and easy

My husband is writing our family tree right now! I love how flexible the entries are and how it preserves special memories without feeling like we are "getting behind."

So glad this exists!

We did not manage to fill out baby books for our older two kids, so when someone gifted us a copy of this book when our youngest was born, I decided to go ahead and buy two more. We're working on going back and filling them out and I hope they'll be a special gift for my kids when they turn 18.

Steven R.
Beautiful book!

The book is a brilliant idea. Instead of simply writing down stats, it focuses on memories - the adventures you go on. My wife and I love this book.

Kyli M.
Not overwhelming

I needed a book that wasn’t overwhelming or one that made me feel guilty that I couldn’t remember. I hate baby books because they cause me anxiety, if I can’t remember a certain moment, etc. but kept has made it so simple and easy to fill out because of the flexibility and choices it offers for jotting down your memories. I’m so glad I went with kept.


Love it!

Kayla C.
Perfect to capture growing up

Baby books should capture time beyond the infant stage. This book is perfect to watch their growth and how they change over time from your point of view as their parent. Highly recommend!

Savannah D.

I love how simple and sweet these books are. I purchased one for each of my kids and am loving the memories I am recalling as I fill it out!

Amanda A.
Beautiful Book

Such a great quality book. Gone are the days of the cheesy baby books we all had. This book is beautiful enough to be on display all the time!

Phillip P.

Absolutely perfect gift for Mother’s Day!