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We designed this book for parents who want a baby book with less statistics and more heart. Childhood, A History is a place to write down your child's story in a meaningful, but non-overwhelming way.

About the Book

The book’s prompts focus less on statistics and more on the heart - their ideas, passions, special talents, and funny quirks.

Spanning from birth to eighteen (including two pages for pregnancy) it includes yearly sections for birthdays, adventures, interests, and fun age-appropriate prompts.

Whether you’re a brand new parent or your child is a bit older and you want to “catch up” (it’s not too late!) this journal is designed to help you capture little windows into who your child is and who they are becoming.


- Cotton linen cover

- 80# text, partially recycled paper

- 6.75 x 8.75 inches

- Made in the U.S.


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No-Hassle Returns

Not sure if this journal is right for you? We get it, sometimes you just need to have it in your hands. Go ahead order the book, open it, flip through the pages, and if you decide it’s not the right fit for you simply send it back using our return portal. We only ask that the book be in its original condition, and for a small fee of $3 to help with return shipping costs.

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Less Statistics, More Heart

After feeling guilty about missing time-sensitive things in our own kids' baby books, we spent a year designing a book focused less on documenting statistics and more on the things that actually matter - the moments, memories, and unique insights that we’d want to cherish for years to come.

Didn't start when they were babies?

Neither did we! The good news is, this is the journal where (with the help of your photos on your phone) going back is actually possible. And remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect! It just needs to be heartfelt.

Built to Last Generations

An heirloom to be passed on to future generations, these books are made in the US with the highest quality materials.The covers are made of cotton linen and the books are smyth-sewn bound, making them layflat and virtually indestructible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 632 reviews
Laura M.
Fantastic Book-Childhood, a History

My son is 22. And yes- I just bought this incredible book. I had a cute, 5 yr book all filled out- it focused on the milestones mainly. However, this book is so much better. It spans the whole 18 years and gives much more detail than any current book on the market. More details gives you more meaning with each story you tell. I’ve got my photo album out and am reliving many of these experiences. I am adding photos to many of the stories. I love the different layouts - there is one where you can just circle the answers that apply. Easy to work through. Honestly the best book out there. I will finish this and give it to my son this Christmas. This is really what we want when thinking of a baby book… a real, rich history.

Katherine P.
A beautiful heirloom

I wanted a childhood memory book I would feel good about passing down to my daughter when she’s grown and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s thoughtfully designed and high quality. Nothing else I’ve seen on the market has come close!

Emely M.

Such a great way to keep track of such precious memories. I am loving this!

Kelsey K.
Emotionally beautiful

I started this out with a newborn but I absolutely love that you don't have to. That it can fall off your radar and you can always come back and add to it. Its great that its focused on memories and key moments that any parent wouldn't forget about and could add to it during any point in their child's lives. It's both beautiful and low key which makes it feel less stressful to fill out and purely enjoyable.

Jodi D.
Love my Childhood, A History!

I received my “Childhood, A History” baby book a couple of weeks ago and love everything about it! The templates are great as they have you focus on the heart of the memories and milestones and no necessarily specific dates. It’s really making it easy for my husband and I to jot things down whether in real time or significantly later!

Josi B.
Such a treasure

I started baby books for my twins while pregnant (my grandma sent me one for each) but there were so many sections that I just didn’t connect with or like so there’s quite a few blanks. These ones are to the point and so easy to navigate. I especially like the family tree - such a brilliant idea! Would recommend even though the price is a bit steep.

Elizabeth J.
Loved it so much!

I love the Kept book! I got it for my little girl because I wanted a momento book that had more heart that statistics. I love how I will still be able to keep putting things about her in it all way to when she is eighteen and then some. I also really think I will enjoy as she gets older and asking her the questions from the book and seeing what her answers are going to be. Overall, I highly recommend this book if these are things you are interested in. I will be getting one for all my kids and recommending to all my friends & family as well!

Lena A.
Love it

My only regret is not buying multiple the first time! Looking forward to filling it out over the years.

Kathryn C.
Just the right amount

While I have only filled out the pregnancy portion so far, the rest seems really doable even for a non regular journaler like me

Excited to receive our books!

We had some trouble with USPS however the shop owner was able to resolve our issue and we are so excited to receive our keepsake books. We just had our third child and I stopped keeping track of all their little moments as I got busier and busier with more kids, but I’m excited to put all my thoughts and memories down for them.